WhitzMix sponsors charity bowling team.

Our competition BBQ team, Westest Texas Q, donned the team t-shirts for a charity bowling fundraiser.  The event was a celebration of Texas Independence Day and the proceeds benefitted the El Paso Chapter Texas Exes Scholarship Fund.  Even when we are not cooking for charity events, we like to support the community and give our time, talent and treasure to worthy causes.

Competition, anyone?

In addition to cooking at scores of charity fund-raisers, tailgate parties and catering events, we are always looking for a good BBQ competition within driving distance.  While we were in Central Texas, we competed about five or six times each year and did pretty well.  (Sorry, we didn't have a digital camera back then.)

When we moved to the St. Louis area, we did very much the same.  We learned a lot from our Missouri friends, but just couldn't shake our Texas roots, so our team made up of Texans and Missourians was known as the Texassouri Q team.

Now that we're based in West Texas, we'll be looking for events in the area.  When we find them, we'll post them here so that you can come out and introduce yourself and enjoy some samples from the pit.

The competitions we've participated in have ranged from about 30 to 160 teams.  Every one of them we have ever been involved with has given us the opportunity to learn from other competitors and make new friends.

Most BBQ competitors are very willing to share some of their "secrets" and will gladly taste your Q and provide candid feedback.  Newcomers need only introduce themselves and they'll typically get more advice than they can remember!

Those of you who like to Q, but have never attended or competed in a BBQ challenge, should take advantage of a competition in your area, if you can.  It's a great learning experience and you'll almost certainly leave the event with new friends as well as new ideas, tips, hints, tricks and recipes to try out on friends and family at home.

Many BBQ competitions are a carnival-like atmosphere and most are very family-friendly events.  Some will give you the opportunity to vend your BBQ which not only gets you valuable feedback from the public, but also helps to cover your costs for the event.


After a long weekend cooking and competing, the competitors are hot and tired, but a few minutes on stage at the awards ceremony can make it all worthwhile.

If you make it to any BBQ competitions in West Texas, New Mexico, or perhaps even Oklahoma or Arizona, keep an eye out for our new team banner with our new team name, Westest Texas Q.


When you find us, stop by to introduce yourself and get yourself in the mix!

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