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One 5-ounce bottle

$7.95 and includes FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US.

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One 12-ounce bottle

$15.95, and still SHIPS FREE anywhere in the US.

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Shipping/Handling Information

Right now, we only ship via USPS.

While we can work with you for larger bulk orders, most of our customers prefer to buy WhitzMix in these convenient quantities so that what they have in the cupboard is always fresh.

Of course, if you're preparing for a competition or planning a larger event, be sure to buy enough so that you'll always have some Whitz about you.

A Word About Our Prices

We regularly get emails from BBQ promoters, pit builders, spice companies and friends we’ve met through various BBQ associations or on-line forums. Rubs are plentiful and can vary greatly in price. I’ve recently seen some spice in Georgia selling for over $1.85 per ounce and 7oz bottles in Kansas advertised for $.57 per ounce. What a range! Keep in mind that a lot of spice mixes are mostly salt, so the cheaper ones are not necessarily a good value.

Of course, I won’t plug either of those on-line outlets on this site, but I don’t mind putting in a plug (by way of comparison) for the legendary Stubbs BBQ Rub in Austin, Texas.

I try to eat at Stubbs just about every time I’m in Austin. Those folks know BBQ and I’ve used their BBQ rub. It’s a pretty good rub, and they use similar ingredients to ours (but I prefer less salt, a more rounded flavor and that little extra kick that you’ll get with WhitzMix). Stubbs’ on-line store advertises prices ranging from $1.06 to $1.11 per ounce and we think that’s pretty fair. On the other hand, they charge a $2.50 handling fee for small orders and they ship via UPS which is more expensive.

Of course we don't charge you for the shipping, so we think you'll come out ahead with WhitzMix.  Do the math and do the taste test.  With all due respect to C.B. Stubblefield and the fine folks at Stubbs, we think WhitzMix is a better product and a better value. I wonder whether they’ll ever come around to Whitz!

At WhitzMix, we live on a budget just like you do and we understand that price will be one of the factors you consider when purchasing products on-line. We will constantly check the competition, and that includes price comparisons as well as tasting their spices from time to time. We won’t try to match our prices to anyone else’s because we tend to use more expensive ingredients like our sea salt and high-end paprika, but we won’t over-charge you either. And yes, we’ll shoot straight with you if we find something out there as good as WhitzMix.

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