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As we get our website rolling, I'll post tips from time to time on different methods of barbecuing.  There are lots of questions and even more opinions on the best way to cook.  There are some really big distinctions, however, between various forms of cooking.  For example, grilling is not smoking is not barbecuing.  We sometimes use the terms interchangeably, and they can all produce fantastic food, but we'll let you know what the differences are.  The more you understand, the better you'll Q.

We'll talk about smoke rings and wood versus lump charcoal versus briquettes, and which way to place your brisket on the pit. (Hint: it depends on how your pit cooks, but we'll explain later.)  Over time, we'll cover pork shoulder in different parts of the country, how to get crispy skin on your chicken, and whether ribs really care which way is up.

So stay tuned, bookmark our site, and come back often.  We're looking forward to getting to know you.

Whit Madere (aka: BBQ_Whit)
Pit Master
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