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You probably have some BBQ rub or steak seasoning in your kitchen cabinet right now.  Go grab a bottle and read the label.  If the first ingredient is salt, you're getting less than you're paying for.  Does it have MSG or anti-caking agents?  Do you really want to put that on something you'll be serving to family and friends?  Have you lost your Whitz?

Now pour some in the palm of your hand and look at it.  Taste it.  Overpowered with salt and sugar?  All you should taste is the good stuff.

What makes WhitzMix so good is that we use only the good stuff.  It is only mixed in small batches so it's always fresh, and we don't add anything artificial.  We use just good ol' fashioned spices, and the salt we do add is exclusively sea salt.  It's a Texas-style rub with a Louisiana influence.  What could be better?

Competitive BBQ-ing is a battle of Whitz, so arm yourself!  And keep your Whitz about you!

Even if you're not a competition cook, don't sweat it.  WhitzMix is a favorite mix to keep in the kitchen for everyday cooking.  Use it just about any place you would use pepper and salt.  If you try it, you will like it, so get some now!


What's in the Mix?

If you're searching the web for BBQ rubs, barbecue spice, BBQ seasoning, barbecue rubs, barbecue Seasoning, spice mix, Texas-style barbecue rubs or anything similar, you're probably looking for WhitzMix.com.

A lot of websites will show up in your search and just about every one of them will claim to be the best and most award-winning mix.  The bottom line is that what tastes the best is a matter of personal preference.  Some folks will add sugar or brown sugar to their mixes.  Personally, we believe that no self-respecting Texan would let sugar get anywhere near his or her BBQ pit.  The purpose of the seasoning is to bring out the natural flavors in the meat and smoke... not to cover them up.

Before you order on line, see if you can find their ingredient list.  No one will disclose exactly what "spices" they put in their mix, but they have to list them in order starting with the highest volume ingredients.  Beware of products that list salt or sugar as the first ingredient.

Keep in mind that spices can vary a great deal.  If they sit on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere, they can lose a great deal of their pungency. There is also a great deal of difference in spices such as paprika, chili powder and mustard powder.  Paprika, in particular can range from about $19/pound to $4.32/ounce.  Do the math.  That works out to over $69/pound!

Of course, it all comes down to what tastes the best to you and your family and friends.  It would be great to be able to buy and test every barbecue mix offered on the web, but there are almost as many rub mixes out there as opinions.

WhitzMix is made from what we think tastes the best... not what we can get the cheapest.  We use only the best quality fresh spice we can find, and then add some sea salt and dehydrated garlic and onions.  We challenge you to compare WhitzMix to any other spice mix on the market and let us know what you think!

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